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  1. David Crowe says:

    I am really, really sorry to hear this. David fought long and hard for what he believed in. His tactics generated a lot of attention to the debate on HIV and AIDS, and complemented the work of many other people. Even though I never met him, I will miss him.

    -David Crowe

  2. Ken says:

    I read the news on the message board. I am very sorry to hear that he has passed away. I met David at the Heal meeting about 6 years ago in West Hollywood and was very impressed with his commitment to reversing the AIDS mess. I have seen some of the video footage also, of his efforts in San Francisco. He surely has made an impact that will probably be recognized by many people at some time in the future.

    Warmest regards and deepest sympathy.


  3. Dear Steve,

    My heart is with you, as I remain very sad that David passed away. The world will be a lesser place without him here, fighting the battle to keep our government honest with us.

    Please know that I grieve your loss, Steve, and will greatly miss David’s perspectives, as I have during the past couple of years. While we were not close associates, it was David, among a limited few others, who helped bring me to my accountability work. To that extent, I owe David a huge debt of gratitude for his having, however unwittingly, been one of my mentors.

    In his name, and honor, I’ll not give up. I hope it will bring you some comfort to know that although David is gone, many of us will continue the struggle in his name. I’m sure he would have expected no less of us.

    With my continued sympathies, Steve,


  4. Kate Bride says:

    Hi Steve,

    I am a recipient of ACT UP listserve, mostly to keep up on news and events.

    I was recently on the website that you gave to David, where his biography and acheivements are layed out so beautifully. I just felt the passion to send you along a note to let you know that there must be many many people thinking about you and your loss in this time, including me.

    Take care, and strength and love to you, friends, and family of David’s in this difficult time. His contributions, indeed, his legacy, has made the world a better and more just place for many of us.

    Warm thoughts,
    Kate Bride
    St. John’s, Newfoundland

  5. Steve,

    Although I never knew David personally, I knew of him when I lived in San Francisco in the mid-90s and followed his activism after I moved to Chicago. He was a brave soul in our struggle against HIV and AIDS. His determination, activism and self-confidence will certainly be missed. I’m sure that you, his friends and family have many fond memories of David to carry you through these difficult days. Be strong & safe well.

    Yours in struggle,
    Charles E. Clifton
    Executive Director, Test Positive Aware Network, Chicago
    Editor, Positively Aware

  6. Please send your prayers and/or best wishes— during the David Pasquarelli’s Memorial Service if you can 3/20/04.

    Help honor and celebrate the life of this amazing freedom fighter.

    Knowing David I offer the words “Keep on keeping on” instead of the usual “Rest In Peace” —

    Hopefully David’s spirit will find peace. I also know that if there is any injustice where ever life takes the energy form that was known as David Pasquarelli – he will fight it with all of his creative juices and passion.

    Keep on Keeping on David – You have touched many and were loved and respected for just being you…

    And Steve,
    I Trust that you are holding up…
    Your website tribute for David is quite moving — Beautifully done!

    Keep on keeping on…

    Michael Ellner

  7. Marge Piso says:


    I know you do not know me but I just wanted you to know how bad I feel about David. He was like another son to me I loved him that much. I remember a lot of good things about David when he was up at Penn State and before he went to Florida. He spent a good bit of time in my home with Matt & rest of my family.

    You will be in my thoughts & prayers along with David.

    Tell David MARGE loves him.

    Sorry for your loss.

    Margie Piso

  8. Morag says:

    Dearest Steve,

    I’m so very sorry to hear about Dave passing away and I’m deeply sorry for your loss. I so enjoyed getting to know him when the two of you visited Mike and I in Miami. He was such a vibrant person. Thank you for sending the link to his website. I immediately read every word that was there.

    Please know that we’re thinking of you and sending you so much love. Be with gentle with yourself.

    My deepest sympathy.


  9. Betty Best says:

    How boring life will be without Dave!
    Some of my favorite memories are those of protests I got to be in with him.
    I was always surprised how he could do the work of three normal people.
    It was fun to have such a talented friend.

    I also feel that it’s more important than ever to carry on the fight against the misinformation perpetuated by the pharmaceutical companies, and to investigate the misuse of money that should be used to help sick and poor people (regardless of their HIV status) instead of homophobic scare campaigns, and out-of-control salaries.

    Betty Best

  10. My heart was very sadden when I found out about David’s passing. From the little amount of time that I knew him he really stuck out in my mind as being one of the bravest people I was able to meet. I believe he was murdered by Terrence Hallinan and the AIDS Service Organizations who were filled with glee to seem David in jail. I just pray for them that they can rectify their hard hearts for their great misdeed of such a wonderful man.

    Steve, you were a great support and spouse of David and I want you to know that our hearts are with you.

    -Steve and Kevin

  11. Alex Russell says:

    David Pasquarelli will be remebered eternally for exposing the ‘HIV’ Lie and the ‘AIDS’ Fraud and all those wealthy greedy careerists that made money – and still make money – out of murdering gay men through the ‘HIV’ Bone Pointing Trance. Pasquarelli was a seracher for the truth in a world that hates the truth from Governments to Pharmaceuticals who profiteer through lucrative ‘HIV’ realted-lies. Even the San Francisco Chronicle lied and said David died from ‘HIV relasted complications’ but David knew that ‘HIV’ does not exist. We must continue in his spirit and struggle to fight the ‘HIV’ Lie.

    -Alex Russell

  12. Chr. Monsune says:

    Tragic that HIV has taken away yet another man.

    Deeply saddening that some seem to want to carry on with the lies that put David Pasquerelli in his grave so long before he had to.

    May he rest in peace.

    Chr. Monsune

  13. Hey David
    I know you’re somewhere out there smiling down on this silly human race continuing the idiocy of the AID$ dogma that you fought so valiantly against.
    I started my webstuff living on a mountain in SW France with no electricity or piped water. Your messages from ACT-UP San Francisco were real inspiration to my solar panels and rainwater recovery systems. I know those bastards put you behind bars and it killed you, I also know that animals in the wild live in perfect health. The AID$ diagnosis is a modern form of psychological warfare & you knew that and shared it with others giving them the option to live free.
    Thanks brother and keep smiling at us.
    I’m doing my best today, atttacking the Pasteur Institute for “fraudulant diagnosis” and I feel that the more we uncover this fraud, the more you’ll be laughing and your laughter is sending shivers of change to this sick planet.
    God Bless you man.

    Mark Griffiths

  14. Alex Russell says:

    Chr. Monsune wrote: “Tragic that HIV has taken away yet another man. Deeply saddening that some seem to want to carry on with the lies that put David Pasquerelli in his grave so long before he had to. May he rest in peace.”

    Chr. Monsune is a well known ‘HIV’ Propagandist and is exploiting David’s death to promote the ‘HIV’ Lie. Chr. Monsune is the evil kind of death-mongerer that David fought so hard against! In David’s Memory we must fight ‘HIV’ Propagandists like Chr. Monsune who cannot face the fact that ‘HIV’ does not exist.

    Alex Russell

  15. I feel sadness for a man that I never met on this planet.
    I feel joy for his loved ones that know his life touched souls.

    “Silence=Death” K. Haring

    Milton Simpson

  16. Peter Hughes says:

    I cannot adequately express to you the shock and sadness I am feeling at the news of Dave’s passing. This is a great loss.
    I did not know Dave well. I photographed him a number of years ago and met him a few times thereafter, the last time being at Pride in, I believe, the year 2000. Despite the fact that I had only met him once or twice before, he remembered me and thanked me for my interest. I felt foolish, for it was I who should have been thanking him. He clasped my hand like a long-lost brother, and looked into my eyes with a quiet, smiling strength that I will never forget.
    Anyone viewing the slide show on his web site will be able to see the soul and character of the man in the photos. Powerful, sweet, strong, gracious, courageous, indomitable—just look at the photos and you’ll see what I mean.
    I called Dave a “one man army”, and I figured that Dave against the entire medical-industrial complex was a fair fight—that’s how much I believed in him. I don’t have heroes. Except one: Dave was my hero.
    It’s one thing to protest when the cause is popular, quite another to stand against a seemingly unstoppable enemy—and not back down. And Dave didn’t back down.
    A funny story: when I went to ACT-UP headquarters to photograph Michael Bellafountaine, he said I might want to photograph Dave as well. I had never heard of him. “Is he involved in this too?” Little did I know how supremely sad I would feel a few years later when I heard that he had moved on.
    And he has moved on and he still has not backed down. In some way which we mortal humans cannot truly understand, he still lives and still fights. I am not exaggerating or being sentimental when I say that I will remember him and his courage for the rest of my life, and I will continue to draw upon the few precious memories I have of him for inspiration and courage.
    I guess you could say that, though I barely knew him, I loved the guy.
    Oh, one last thing: I won’t say “rest in peace”, for to say that to Dave would be like telling a lightning bolt to take a nap. Keep on truckin‘, man! And I’ll see you somewhere down the road, I promise you that.

    Peter Hughes

  17. Though I last saw David Pasquarelli six years ago — lunch in San Francisco — I remember well his charm and radiant intelligence. He was unselfish and very brave, willing to endure ostracism and calumny to combat the lies of the AIDS Industry. He put his own life on the line, and died fighting for the lives of other gay men.

    John Lauritsen

  18. Joan Shenton says:

    I am very saddened by the death a a brave warrior who fought undselfishly to expose the pseudoscience surrounding “AIDS”. He stimulated us all and renewed our energy when it was beginning to flag.

    Now that he has left us we shall endeavour to fight on all the harder in his memory.

    Joan Shenton

  19. Today (March 24, 2004) the Los Angeles Times ran the following obituary for David.

    I was shocked at the opening statement attributing David’s death to “complications from HIV.” I can readily imagine the furious energy with which David would have responded had he known that lie would be spread about him after he was no longer around to refute it. Since he isn’t around to refute it, we need to do it for him.

    The e-mail address for letters to the editor of the Los Angeles Times is I want everyone reading this to write a letter of protest to the L. A. Times and show them that we will not sit silently while David’s death is used to perpetuate the lie he spent so much of his life and energy fighting.

    When you write your letter and you hit the “send” button, think of David and use whatever spiritual energy you believe in to send a CC to him wherever he is now. He’ll appreciate it.

    Mark Gabrish Conlan
    Board chair, H.E.A.L.-San Diego


    Los Angeles Times, March 24, 2004


    David Pasquarelli, 36; ACT UP Leader Made Threatening Phone Calls

    From Times Staff and Wire Reports

    David Pasquarelli, 36, a leader of the activist group ACT UP San Francisco, who pleaded no contest to making threatening phone calls to public health officials and reporters in a highly publicized case, died March 8 in a Walnut Creek hospital of complications from HIV.

    The spate of late-night phone calls began in October 2001 to protest, among other things, San Francisco’s syphilis awareness campaign, which Pasquarelli and fellow AIDS dissident Michael Petrelis felt had inflated statistics on the number of cases among gay and bisexual men in order to collect more federal money.

    Last August, Pasquarelli and Petrelis pleaded no contest to misdemeanor counts of making threatening or annoying phone calls and were sentenced to three years of probation, along with mandatory anger-management counseling and writing apologies to their victims.

    Pasquarelli was born in Pittsburgh. As a high school student, with a group of gay friends, he was assaulted by a baseball bat-wielding gang that broke the windows and dented the hood of his father’s car. He told the St. Petersburg Times in 1992 that he had lied to his parents and the police about what had happened — and that his silence had led to his belief in the importance of speaking out.

    He was involved with the campus gay and lesbian organization at Pennsylvania State University, where he received a degree in graphic design in 1990. He later co-founded ACT UP Tampa Bay and donated time to the Tampa AIDS Network. He moved to San Francisco in 1993 and joined ACT UP San Francisco, which favors confrontational forms of protest.

    Mark Gabrish Conlan

  20. We never had the privilege of meeting David in person. We had long telephone conversations with him a few times back in 2000. Words fail me right now – our thoughts are with all of you who knew David personally

    A Prayer

    As stars, mists and candle flames, mirages,
    dew-drops and water bubbles, as dreams,
    lightning and clouds,
    so may we view the things of this world.

    We look at life, impermanent and fragile,
    and so we develop wisdom.
    The things we have created have no substance,
    and so we seek the substance of the Ultimate.
    Beyond the storm clouds – the brilliance of the sun.
    Beyond the dark clouds of confusion – the clarity of truth.
    Immutable through all changes is the nature of mind.

    May you David, experience luminous mind
    and rise stainless as a lotus.
    As we say farewell to you, within the clouds that
    hide the heavens from our sight,
    We pray that you may hear us and
    know we wish you well.
    As you leave this world behind,
    may your wisdom increase,
    May you benefit beings,
    May you see your own mind,
    May you recognize your true nature.

    The world is filled with sorrow.
    He is wise who forgets his own in healing that of others;
    She is wise who strives to lighten the darkness of illusion with the white flame of her own enlightenment.

    May the merit of our prayers ease the
    sufferings of beings throughout space,
    and soothe the deep sadness of those
    who have known and love David.

    As I read the email from Christine Maggiore these words were playing on CD:

    Sleep Comes Tomorrow

    Sleep comes tomorrow, water wets my toes
    Sun sings to me low, watch the rain that grows
    One day outside, young and the faces way up high
    One day outside, young and the faces way up high

    Every time I hear these words I will remember David Pasquarelli

    Kathy and Fintan (Ireland)

    Kathy and Fintan

  21. lauren says:

    just wanted to say i was sorry for all of you who have had to go through the pain of your loss. being young and firey myself, i appreciate a man who is willing to question some of the most simple statements made that we are to believe, sometimes we forget the fact that humans are not meant for all of this materialism and labels, and it is sad to hear that a fighter like david was lost.


  22. Charlie says:

    What a pity that a young man, obviously full of life and love, should die because of an inability to understand science and therefore come to erroneus beliefs about the treatment that almost certainly would have kept him alive.


  23. Ricchi Mahan says:

    You are quite a character and lots-of-fun in my memory of everything, and it is awesome knowing you. You see, you are alive (still) in my mind’s eye. *a ricchi smile

    God rest your soul and keep you in every way peaceful, mate. Ricchi (in lexington KY USA)

    Ricchi Mahan

  24. I didn’t know David. In fact, I didn’t even know that David existed, and we are related. I know his father, I know his family.
    I wish I could have known him – or even that he was out there doing what he was doing.
    Thank you for putting up this site, so that I can know David now. I can see that he was loved deeply and will be missed terribly.

    Maria Pasquarelli

  25. I am deeply saddened at the loss of an old friend. David and I were close in junior and senior high school. He was the funniest and most intelligent person that I knew, I admired him greatly.

    I will always remember the times that we played Atari for hours, made prank phone calls and tormented Andrea until she cried.

    I last saw David in 1986 before he left for college. We ran into each other in downtown Pittsburgh. After we spoke for awhile, I gave him a hug and wished him luck at college. I can’t believe that was almost 20 years ago!

    I heard that he had moved to San Francisco and I tried to find him online a few years back, but had no luck.

    I always knew that David was going to do something important with his life! I didn’t even know what he had been doing all these years until I read his tribute. Once again, I admire him.

    All of these years I had just the memory of a funny kid that I used to hang out with. Now I see that he was courageous man that has made a tremendous difference in the gay community.
    I will fondly remember, and miss them both….

    Rick Rauschart

  26. This man has the heart of an angel and the braveness that comes with it.

    The joy of life still shines from his eyes and heart.

    Love to you David and peace.

    There is no death for the soul, his spirit ever wise and evr loving will be with you all and will reunite once more with everyone, to dance a dance of joy and to sing a song of healing and beauty.


    -Chris Townley in Abingdon, England, Europe.

  27. Pam says:

    Please allow me to share a funny memory I had with David. We went to high school together and shared a similar sense of humor. David and I sat outside the Stanley Theater in a bitter cold Pittsburgh winter to get tickets to an Adam Ant show. The show was awesome (hey i was a kid)

    I realized back then that David was unique. He was unlike anyone I’d ever known. He NEVER studied for tests and yet passed (he claimed he had a photographic memory)!

    How fortunate we’ve all been to share the world with him.


  28. The swimming pool, Shop N Save, the babysitting you did.
    The last I remember, you were just a little kid.
    The blonde tail, The Stinkin Rose, time spent in San Fran
    I’ll keep those pictures forever, cause David “You the Man”
    You’ll be missed; I cry today, in time that will fade,
    but a spot in my heart,for David Pasquarelli, ALWAYS will remain.

    Love you, Baby . . . .Regina, and the bratty kids you babysat . .

    -Roger and Marie . . Hattman

    Regina Hattman

  29. Keith McCoy says:

    Dave, you were my friend. I remember so vividly the late nights at Kinko’s designing and printing all of the stuff with which we wheatpasted (terroized) downtown Tampa. I remember getting our hands on backstage passes to the Ross Perot campaign speach at USF.(because they were dumb enough to bring them to the same Kinkos for reproduction!) I was so scared and inspired when you stood up and screamed “WHAT ABOUT AIDS, WHAT ABOUT AIDS”. You stopped the entire speach. I was your one man security force and we both got lead out kicking and screaming. I remember the late December nights collecting all of the “Encounter” magazines from all of the bars because of their lies. What a bonfire on the publishers front lawn! I remember being your guest at the Kinkos christmas party and how we were the ONLY topic of conversation amoung the employees (1992). How we layed down in front of school busses to get them to stop so that condoms could be thrown into the windows. I remember your great lasagne and spinach salad, your lunch box collection, and the American Express being denied AFTER we had dined! So many memories.

    To David’s family, I can only tell you what you already know. You were blessed with a special Son and Brother. You are not alone in your pain.

    To all of his California friends that I never met, Thank you for your friendship and love for my friend.

    I have an empty place in my heart now, but a beautiful ray of light in my soul.

    I Love you Dave.

    Your Friend for Eternity,

    Keith McCoy

  30. I have been sitting with this for a while, and I just wanted to write and say how sorry I was to learn about Dave’s passing.
    Dave and I met at Saint Leo. My dorm room was right next door to his “apartment” in Marmion Hall. I was a junior the year Dave worked there. I remember moving in, and going about the business of setting my stuff up. I had my door open, and I was blasting Nine Inch Nails. Dave
    stood in my doorway and shrieked (he had that absolutely awesome shriek that still makes me want to pee myself laughing every time I think of it): “OhmyGOD, you’re listening to ‘Pretty Hate Machine!’ I was beginning to think there was NOBODY cool here!”
    We were tight best friends that entire year, going thrift-shopping every Saturday morning, going out dancing in Ybor City…Saint Leo and Dave were at constant odds with one another, obviously, and he left my senior year. We were still in touch, with Dave coming out from Tampa to see me in the plays I was doing. Regrettably, we fell
    out of touch with one another, as I went back home to Boston, and he moved on to SF to pursue his activist work. We sent each other a couple of cards and emails, but I hadn’t “talked” to him in a long time.
    Still, the year that Dave and I were friends was one of the happiest years of my life. He was inspiring, frustrating, hysterically funny, and so gifted. It was a privilege to have known him for the short time that I did.

    Lisa McColgan

  31. It is with great sadness that i’ve just found out of David’s passing. Yet i know his legacy will live on in the hearts of all of his comrades and his work will be recognized by those who fight for justice. I had the pleasure of meeting him only once, but his heart and soul were not easily forgotten.
    I was a very close friend of the late, great poet and activist Ronnie Burk, who also passed away way too soon last March. I have so many memories of David through Ronnie’s eyes. David was so greatly respected and loved by him, that i can only feel the same.
    i send my sympathy and love to David’s many friends and family, and hope they will find a bit of comfort in knowing how many lives that his own has touched.
    his was an inspiring life that will live on. Viva David Pasquarelli!

    Denise Cavaliere

  32. Jim Buresch says:

    Dear David & Steve (and friends)

    I admire you both so much. From you Steve I learned tolerance, forgivness, and acceptance. From you David I learned to express myself, from you I learned self value, kindness, and honesty. And your passion for truth and love was unmeasureable. It’s so odd to speak of past tenses. My heart has broken a few times in my life, but learning of David’s passing was one of the biggest cracks yet. I love you brother. Feel free to wishper the right direction in my ear if you want!

    Steve, you’re the greatest guy and live up my belife in you as a role model on living in respect. I miss the whole bunch of you and will keep David’s memory as It always was, a pulsating burst of life. You will both be in my thoughts.

    Jim Buresch
    (formerly San Francisco)
    Wilton Manors, FL

  33. Anacdotal experience proves nothing theoretically. The unanswered questions David raised and other AIDS Dissidents continue to raise today are just as valid even if David or any individual is inconsistant in their belief or disbelief.

    Let’s never forget this is at the same time a very personal and very political epidemic of ignorance, arrogance, fear and greed. God grant us the courage to change the things we can, the serenity to accept the things we cannot and the wisdom to know the differance.

    AIDS Dissidents are not *in [HIV] denial* that Freddie Mercury or David Pasquarelli and others have become ill and died. We are informed in our AIDS dissent as to the causes of, and courses[of treatment] for, their illnesses and deaths.

    AIDS Dissidents dissent from a legitimate scientific and medical bases as to the causatives and curatives for 29 previously known and unrelated ‘AIDS’ clinically redefined illnesses, all of which occur in those diagnosed’HIV’ non-specific antibody negative. So, besides the definition and diagnosis of what is called ‘AIDS’ Dissidents are also challenging the accuracy and specifity of the ‘HIV’ non-specific antibody tests to measure infection with any virus since there are over 60+ known cross-reactors from pregnancy to the flu to immunizations to hepatitis to transfusions and on and on. For these reasons and more, we call for a free scientific inquiry and exchange at conferences and in college prep and continuing education courses, letting others know of the conflicts in research methodologies and ideologies which prevent our progress in the knowledge about the health of persons given an ‘HIV/AIDS’ [mis]diagnosis.

    We endorse a multi-factorial approach to immune suficiency and sustainability in addressing the oxidative stressors including physical[malnutrition], chemical[toxicologic], biological[dis-ease], psychological[chronic stress], and spiritual[religious reconciling]– of which ‘HIV’ non-specific, non-confirmatory marker positivity is no reliable indicator of worthiness or wellness.

    We are disbelievers in a ‘[SAME]SEXUAL=SIN=SICKNESS’ mindset having lead for many to the unquestioned acceptance of the ‘HIV=AIDS=DEATH’ paradigm.

    We are believers in proportionate access to alternative health care for the 50%-2/3 of those ‘HIV/AIDS’ diagnosed which the HHS says are not in ‘HIV’ Specialist Care and who may not choose to access due to their health care philosophy and practise. This requires, generally, that we introduce a model of competition within our health care system to break up the current model of monopoly of conventional, pharmaceutically-based medicine.

    Kelly Jon Landis

  34. I am very sad and angry to read about David. I never knew him but wish I could have. People often attack me with his death claiming I am a denialist. I believe if David could say one thing to me today he would say ” don’t give up”.

    David’s spirit will live in all of our hearts as we all must stand up to the Real Denialists. The AIDS Establishment is Not only Corrupt but they are Evil and wicked. They are the Denialists Because They Lie..They Deny. DAVID KNEW THIS.

    It’s unfortunate I didn’t get a chance to know David Pasqarelli.

    Tomás Brewster
    St Petersburg ,Florida

  35. We at Project Aids International Salute David!!! Whilst we will miss Him we cannot help but wonder! How many are still with us today Because of Him!

    Jeremy F. Selvey

  36. Tomás says:

    I am very sad and angry to read about David. I never knew him but wish I could have. People often attack me with his death claiming I am a denialist. I believe if David could say one thing to me today he would say ” don’t give up”.

    David’s spirit will live in all of our hearts as we all must stand up to the Real Denialists. The AIDS Establishment is Not only Corrupt but they are Evil and wicked. They are the Denialists Because They Lie..They Deny. DAVID KNEW THIS.

    It’s unfortunate I didn’t get a chance to know David Pasqarelli.

    Tomás Brewster
    Clearwater Florida

  37. On October 15, 2005 the Montour class of 1985 is celebrating its 20th year reunion.

    David was a member of our class and he will be deeply missed.

    We do not necessarily remember him as an activist, a community leader or out spoken representative for just causes, but simply a funny, loyal friend we went to High School with.

    David, along with others in our class who are no longer with us, will be remembered and thought of.

    The Montour Class of 1985


    Rejoice ye dead, where’er your spirits dwell,

    Rejoice that yet on earth your fame is bright,

    And that your name, remember day and night,

    Lives on the lips of those who love you well.

    …..Robert Bridges “Ode to Music”

    Montour Class of 1985

  38. Steve- I am so taouched & saddened upon reading the many memories & tributes to David.
    We went to high school together but never spoke once, simply because our paths never crossed. I know now what I was missing & deeply regret not having known him on a more personal level. My thoughts & prayers go out to you and David’s family.

    Lori M

  39. John says:

    Thanks to Terry for starting this wonderfull tribute to a great hero of truth and justice.


  40. David was a man of strong convictions, passion and integrity. I miss him frequently, but I am grateful to have known and worked with him.

    One of the messages I believe he wanted to drive home is that good science can afford to be (and SHOULD BE) questioned. The AIDS establishment does its damndest to stifle any challenges. If you are curious read Inventing the AIDS Virus, by Peter Duesberg. It will horrify you and you will understand why David needed strong tactics to challenge and expose “business as usual.”

    Everyone should be as involved in living as David was. My congratulations and encouragement to the questioners who continue the work.

    Lisa McColgan

  41. Faisal Naqvi says:

    Me and David worked at Kinkos in SF’s financial district 96 through 97. He was amazing. I knew back then of his HIV positive status. We fell out of touch when i moved back home to Pakistan. I moved back to CA in 99 and about 2 years later, i bumped into him at Slim’s at a Kristin Hersh show. While weakened by HIV physically, spiritually and mentally he was still ALWAYS a site to behold. He greeted me a loving warm hug and a kiss and then once again i fell out of touch with him. Till now. He was just one of the sweetest souls I had known.

    I know its too late but my heart goes out to his family and to his partner Steve.

    May he forever rest in peace for the wonderful soul he was and for the amazing work he did as an HIV/AIDS activist for all those friends of ours that continue live with these diseases.

    Faisal Naqvi

  42. Kim H says:

    If David was still around he would be proud:

    AIDS Critics Put Up Posters –
    Aug 16, 2006 – Xtra Magazine Toronto – Paul Gallant

    The group ACT UP Toronto – an AIDS dissident group that’s not to be confused with earlier ACT UP groups that lobbied for government action on HIV/AIDS – has put up posters around the village this month, claiming that HIV does not cause AIDS.

    The posters, which went up at the start of the International AIDS Conference which Toronto is hosting, appear to have been printed some time ago; the web address given is no longer in service. One poster claims “AIDS drugs are toxic” and shows pictures of people who have physical deformities allegedly caused by AIDS medications. “Don’t support the corrupt AIDS industry, it’s time to rethink what we know about AIDS,” it reads.

    The group HEAL (Health Education AIDS Liaison) Toronto has questioned the cause of AIDS and how to respond to it. Heal member Carl Strygg says he doesn’t know who put up the posters. He says the group split a while back over tactics like these, with the ACT UP Toronto people going there own way.

    “I can’t say that the posters are really bridge-building,” says Strygg. “That’s not the way I like to work. That approach is why I have limited my involvement with the AIDS dissident movement. Shouting at people that HIV does not cause AIDS is not going to help somebody struggling with the illness.”

    Strygg says he’s talked to several people attending the conference. But mostly he’s not impressed by what he’s heard.

    “It sounds like any other AIDS conference. Lots of bluster, not many lives saved.”

    Kim H

  43. I join the rest of the Montour HS Class of 1985 in saying what a tremendous loss we’ve all suffered at David’s passing. To say we were close would be a lie, but I do remember David as a wonderfully kind, funny guy. I just recently learned of his passing from another classmate I hadn’t seen in 21 years and want to express my most sincere condolences. Peace.

    Julie (Denny) Walsh

  44. Denise says:

    It’s been almost 3 years since David passed away. But in that time, this is what I have learned: sometimes, life sends you someone who is gentle, kind, passionate about truth and injustice, someone who was quick to laugh just as he was quick to debate (and yes, most times he would win)…this someone was my friend. Every day, I remember how much he affected my life and how he would want all of us to “live in such a way that it benefits someone else.”
    My life was forever changed when I met David. Even though his passing was one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone though, I don’t regret a moment of that friendship. It was one of the best things to come into my life.


  45. JML says:

    I thought AIDS didn’t exist. Look at you now!


  46. root says:

    Too bad you had to die to redeem yourself from the lies that you spread.

    But I guess your final act of dying at least tells the truth about whether HIV is dangerous or not.



  47. Real activists don’t take money and perks from big corporations.

    It takes a brave man to go against legions of such “activists”, and to put it all on the line, to speak and act out.

    David was one such man.

    He didn’t hide behind anonymity. He faced his critics, and exposed them for the frauds and liars they are. So it’s no wonder the anonymous cowards hound him, even now, to the grave, and to this memorial.

    No matter. We all know why they are so angry at David. It’s the price he was wiling to pay to save some lives. Even if it meant losing his own.

    I’ll never forget you, David.

    Todd Phillips

  48. Medea Lopez says:

    My it has been ages since we ran from the cops in vancouver together. I can’t believe Todd is the last of you guys-I feel our world can use hardcore fags and dykes like us is sad how much compliance with the bull shit attitude has been left after you and Michael fought so hard now there is nobody to #@*%! shit up and say “hell no” we won’t allow biggot #@*%!s to go to pride or shame the Mcaids ..You are missed

    Medea Lopez

  49. jim buresch says:

    Still missing you brother and guess I always will. Keep wispering directions to my soul. I’m still listening

  50. Luke says:

    How many more stupid retarded denial deaths are there going to be?
    This man is not a hero, his actions aren’t great, they were stupid, and now he’s dead because of them, think people, TAKE YOUR FUCKING MEDS
    I’m so sick of people saying this shit doesn’t exist…. I lost three uncles to AIDS, I know first hand ITS REAL and IT KILLS and IT COMES FROM HIV
    I hope this man is resting in peace now, and he also now know’s the truth
    to bad his retarded act up friends wont learn a lesson from this. it’s so sad.. as I see most of the comments on here are from retarded people who still refuse to believe, Well you’d think this Death would wake these stupid assholes up, I guess not, it’s sad to say but they really need to all hurry up and die, than their poisonous lies will be dead along with them, the world has lost way to many great people from AIDS to say it’s not real, anyone who thinks it’s not real FUCK YOU, get a life, or walk your fat lying, dying asses into on-coming traffic and do us all a favor, I hate writing like this on a so called memorial wall but seems you assholes dont get it and just refuse to get it, WAKE THE FUCK UP and TAKE YOUR FUCKING MEDS IDIOTS

  51. Aaron says:

    David…I don’t know much about you. I’ve recently decided to educated myself on the world, and have woken up quite surprised. Its disgusting where we are now in society. I can’t even believe we are all surviving. Thank you for having the courage to stand up to the oppressors, and giving an educated confession of the cruelties committed in our world. I hope that I can somehow muster the courage and arrange my thoughts to maybe make a difference too. My heart is out there for you….

  52. RCW says:

    Quite frankly, I am glad he is dead. AIDS denialists endanger others through their twisted rhetoric.

  53. Taz says:

    I’m so sorry David. I found out about you searching for the AIDS denialists movement. Why did you have to sacrifice yourself like this? Why is it so hard for people in the same situation to accept things and move on? …Why?

  54. RJMD says:

    I first met this “gentleman” (though he was anything but) when I was still doing my internship and later residency for infectious disease in Northern Ca.

    Brushing aside the fact that he was quite obviously a delusional sociopath, he cursed at, spat on, and attempted to physically assault numerous members of our staff of physicians, scientists, lab techs, and researchers.

    At the time, I had no idea the concept of AIDS denialism even existed, but I have since seen the tragic losses that him and people like him have inflicted on both patients and the clinical community that are doing our best to help.

    I only hope that more people can educate themselves and learn from this mans horrible example.

  55. HIV/AIDS is real. It’s too bad he was too foolish to understand that.

  56. Rick says:

    It’s really sad to see these people (and I use that term loosely) Steal Highjack and utterly destroy, the “term, words, and ultimately the name” of ACTUP, What these men did way back when this orginization was founded was great, But what this man and others like him have done is absolutely stomach turning. People like Vito Russo, the real pioneers of and for the struggle of which ACTUP truly stood for would be rolling in their graves.
    Look at what one Doctor has said about this man right here on this memorial wall: “he cursed at, spat on,and attempted to physically assault numerous members of our staff of physicians, scientists, lab techs, and researchers.” This man Stole the name of a great movement and used it for Evil, He bought his own denial and battled serious illness’ for the last two years of his life and it all ended because of that denial and his lack of the real truth. Who knows if he would still be here had he taken the treatment, but there’s at least that chance. Even facing all those serious AIDS related illness’ he lived in denial and it was denial that killed him. I truly hope everyone reads and learns something from this page and wall, AIDS is real and it kills. Just ask David Pasquarelli…. Oh that’s right, you can’t.

  57. He got duh AIDZ says:

    What a moron. I’m glad he isn’t here anymore to fill people’s heads with his self-serving bullshit. If there’s a hell, David Pasquarelli is there now scratching at his eyes and gnashing his teeth. How many people did he influence? How much pain did he cause? We may never know.

  58. Marcus says:

    I see that another physician has chimed in on this page, so I felt compelled to share what I know about this man and the organization he represented as well. I also came through the ranks of medical school and residency in CA at a time when the AIDS pandemic was in its most prolific levels of morbidity and mortality.

    I formerly worked for a couple of different biotech firms in the bay area, Genetech and VAXGEN, working on HIV treatment regimens and vaccine initiatives. It was a very stressful yet exceptionally rewarding time of my life, but David and his ACT UP cronies did everything in their power to sabotage and denigrate our efforts. When they began to picket our lab, it was routine to be threatened, harassed and shouted down as a “liar”, “murderer”, and “pharma slut” (among various other colorful descriptors).

    I, along with many of my colleagues, ended up taking out a restraining order against David and others in his organization for their grotesque behavior.

    I feel more than a bit uncomfortable posting this on a remembrance wall, but I feel that the concerned public has the right to know that David was a monster, and the “theories” of AIDS denial he propagated are false and endager the lives of those living with HIV infection. To those reading this, I would hope that you would practice due diligence and find out the facts about HIV and not buy into the senseless drivel these people spew. Its your health and your life, and you owe it to yourself to make educated decisions.

    If David is to be remembered for anything, it is for the horrible lesson his life was an example of, and how to avoid becoming another victim. If even one person reads this and takes heed, I consider it a victory.

  59. Ken says:

    Dave has so many symptoms that people with bipolar disorder do too. It is a shame that getting the right treatment for mental illness is so difficult in our culture.

  60. Andrea Pasquarelli says:

    With the 10th anniversary of David’s death approaching, I find myself checking this site. I can’t say it isn’t still painful to read people’s vitriolic and sometimes hateful comments as I knew my brother to be a deeply thoughtful, caring and passionate man. It seems so dissonant. But positive or negative, kind or unkind, David wanted to encourage dialogue, thought provoking exchange and action and the comments herein show me that he did just that.

    RIP dear brother…

  61. Steve says:

    Yes, the hateful messages were to much for Christine Maggiore’s family to deal with, so I have held all hate messages from public view until such time that they ask to see them. I know one of Dave’s driving principles was to encourage debate, even vitriolic, but debate none the less. I’m glad that you have the same fortitude of your brother and have allowed these posts through for all to read. Lord knows I often did not have the stomach to handle some of the hate thrown at Dave.

    I still miss him terribly and hope he has found greater peace wherever he has gone on from this mortal coil…

  62. jim buresch says:

    I still think of you very often. I’m planning on memorializing you in one of my art installations next year. I will love you forever.

  63. Frank T. Harbison III says:

    I GRADUATED 1 YR. BEFORE David from the same school district and understood the hatred he had to deal with at this age. People do not realize the damage they can do to ones soul through words. I know David is with god and will forever be in the hearts of many. I am so sorry that you had to die from such a horrible disease. We will all see you again in the future. And we will continue to fight for our equal rights and to end this horrible disease. You were a pioneer in making us all aware of this horrible disease. You will always be in my prayers and may god bless you. Take care my friend. See you on the other side.

  64. kathy clevenger says:

    I was friends with Dave in high school. He was a wonderful guy that always made me laugh. I am proud of you David for standing up for what you believe so strongly in, regardless of the consequences. Many, including myself could never be that strong. I look up to you as you held your head high while so many put you down. You are now resting in peace but you did not die in vain. I will always have my wonderful memories and I will keep you in a special place in my heart.

  65. Kara says:

    I met Dave at St Leo College, in FL. He was a resident director there. I have no idea how he got the job, because they didn’t like his gayness. They censored him and challenged him all the time.

    I was very grateful for him. I came from a sheltered environment in Massachusetts. He was a great RD and I also considered him a friend. He taught me that I could and should stand up for what I believe in, even in the presence of great opposition. Me and a handful of other students protested a war at a very conservative school. I’m still still an activist.

    Thank you for keeping this domain and website.


  66. Judy Gold says:

    Indeed the world is a better place without ugly, ignorant, disgusting, worthless ASSHOLES like David. I sincerely hope his parents are ASHAMED to have raised someone who was literally so f-ing stupid it killed him. I am fortunate to have been raised by very decent, educated and well spoken parents who would DIE if one of their kids even spit in public, let alone AT somebody. (they would hate to know I even wrote something like this but it’s worth it for anyone to know what garbage David was)
    What DOES make me happy is to know that the vitriol David felt for the world, is a direct reflection of how he felt about himself. A TRULY miserable person, and that is exactly the life he deserved.
    p.s. Just to make it clear, NONE of this has anything to do with David being gay – the gay men that I know are smart, attractive and live productive lives–>the OPPOSITE of David. :):)

  67. Andrea Pasquarelli says:

    Steve – I’m not sure why I ended up on Dave’s Memorial site on this evening, a few months shy of 17 years since his passing. I can’t even wrap my head around that length of time. Life has gone on, daily pain has lessened, but there is still a void. I have a son now…whose middle name is David. I tell him about his uncle all the time and there are moments when his mannerisms or facial expression or mischievous behavior pierces my heart because he so very much reminds me of my dear brother. I know we don’t connect as often as we used to, but we are always sending you good thoughts and much love. RIP big brother…

  68. Furdi says:

    David Pasquarelli declared with incandescent Queer rage that ‘Aids Is Over’.
    And many years later the WHO declared it too more or less, the hateful deranged
    comments just prove they lost the battle, the real battle in life, the spiritual battle,
    the battle of the human spirit against corruption and darkness. And the pious and
    self piteous comments by corporate and government employees are grey and meaningless
    against the colorful intentional rage/empathy expressed by David.

    David Pasquarelli and all the other so called ‘Dead’ denialists are some of the bravest,
    most courageous, empathic human beings to have walked this earth in the last
    40 years. The fact that people would come and spit upon the dead is the glaring
    truth to any poet that the ‘victors’ are spiritually sick and have lost the battle.

    The shareholders of planet earth are deranged and have cast a spell that has
    infested the masses, the minds of its employees, because if you are not free
    in your mind you are behoven to the richest men of this world, just pawns in
    their games,

    David like so many others took the decision to get off the chessboard and not
    be a pawn, to be a brave warrior against the darkness that has encompassed
    our reality from the inside out, and in doing so his body in the end lost the battle
    but his spirit by God took chunks out of the darkness and spewed them aside.

    Just reading the warm loving truthful comments here about David makes me
    realise that anyone who ‘knew’ him felt very lucky to have been in his presence.

    I celebrate Davids life and all the other wonderful brave souls who’s bodies have been
    casualties in this war, and i send my love to their families, friends and lovers that
    have lost these beautiful people that when i think of their names and remember
    their courage i feel a reverence and awe to have known there are people like that
    in this world who have the Valour and resilience to face corruption even though
    they knew deep down it would do their immune systems damage. But even deeper
    down they knew it wasnt about proofing how long they live but standing tall in
    spirit with others against tyranny despite the tsunami of hate and insipid rational
    that willed with all its festering ‘nothingness’ for death to all that gets in the way.

    Tyranny doesnt get beaten by one or two waves of resilience but it does get
    knocked and it does drive tyrannical psychotics to react and behave even more
    irrationally and create more insane plots to control its flock, eventually this is
    it’s downfall, unless the laws of history are to change, unless Tyranny gets to win

    Well i dunno about you but i find that laughable, have no doubt the next waves
    coming will knock them out of the ring for a long time.

  69. Ellen says:

    I met David at Penn State when I first joined the lesbian and gay student organization, shortly after coming out. He was a few years older and I always remember him as such a handsome, warm, funny, and intelligent young man, with such a bright personality. He was kind and I admired him. In the short time that I knew him, this was the impression that he left on me. I also ended up living in San Francsico years later but never crossed paths with David again. I was so sad when I learned of his passing and he crossed my mind again tonight. I remember this about David and send best wishes to his loved ones and family.

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