Survive AIDS!      Ban The HIV Test!The best way to survive AIDS is to avoid getting sucked into this colossal medical mistake in the first place. That means refusing to submit to the notorious and invalid "HIV tests" and, most importantly, fighting to have this tragic technological terror tool pulled from the market.

HIV tests do not detect any virus, they react non-specifically to various antibodies (antibodies are the body's normal response to foreign invaders). Prior to the invention of the these tests, the presence of antibodies was usually a sign that the immune system was functioning properly and protecting the body. After the 1980s AIDS hysteria engulfed America, positive test results on these invalid tests were promoted as a sign of impending illness and certain death.

The fact is that "HIV tests" have never been validated by any kind of viral isolation. This means the test is not proven to test specifically for antibodies to what is called HIV. And in fact HIV tests have been shown to react positiveIy to over 69 documented factors, including flu vaccinations, and herpes. A study in the journal Cancer Research even showed that about 50% of dogs have positive reactions to what are called "HIV proteins".

Most importantly, HIV testing protocals are homophobic. They require that people first be classified as "high risk" or "low risk" depending on the demographic information they supply at the time of the blood draw. During subjective test interpretation, decisions about "positive" or "negative" status depend on the classification of the person. Of course, queers are automatically classified as "high risk" meaning that we are set up to more frequently have the invalid test results interpreted as "HIV positive."

There is simply no such thing as an "HIV test" as none of these tests have ever been calibrated by the gold standard of HIV isolation. It is absurd and criminal that death sentences are administered, and toxic chemicals are prescribed, based on the results of these invalid tests. Before you subject yourself to the terror of having a medical "authority" predict your death based on an invalid test, learn more about these tests! Fight back! Fight "HIV test" terror!

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