Survive AIDS!      Flush Your AIDS Drugs!Doctors and drug companies would like you to believe that the only way to survive AIDS is by consuming lots of pills. New pills that have been rushed through the Food and Drug Administration's weak regulatory process and unleashed on an unsuspecting population weakened by HIV terror.

The sad truth is that AIDS drugs -- from AZT to protease inhibitors -- kill by destroying the body's organs and immune system. Worse yet, the so-called side effects of AIDS drugs are indistinguishable from the alleged symptoms of AIDS so that when you complain to your doctor about feeling sick from AIDS drug poisoning, he or she will most probably say "Well, what do you expect? You're getting sick from AIDS." Don't fall for it!

Those who live the longest after being declared HIV positive avoid all toxic AIDS drugs. They reject conventional medical advice to submit to stressful blood counts every three to six months. Quite simply, they live free from the psychological enslavement and terror caused by substituting laboratory markers for how they feel and chemicals for how their bodies heal. Don't ever forget that the natural state of the human body is one of health and wellness. Don't allow medical quacks and charlatans who make a living off of keeping you sick scare you into doubting your own powerful human ability to stay well.

Remember, AIDS drugs were approved for use only in the sickest of AIDS patients who were near death and had exhausted all other treatment options. Today, however, they are being improperly, unethically and illegally prescribed to even the healthiest of individuals. So if you are able to get out of bed each morning, you're too healthy to be taking toxic AIDS drugs. Walk to your medicine cabinet and flush those poisons straight down the toilet.

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