ACT UP San Francisco (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) is a diverse collective of individuals united in anger and determined to end HIV and AIDS through militant direct action.

We dispute HIV as the cause of a growing list of old diseases that have been officially categorized as AIDS. Our challenge to the HIV hypothesis should not be interpreted as an excuse to ignore symptoms of illness, or to engage in activities known to compromise health. Decisions regarding health issues should be based on a thorough evaluation of facts including the fact that people who test positive and remain healthy vastly outnumber HIV positives who become ill and die.

ACT UP San Francisco also vehemently opposes all forms of animal research because of its inherent cruelty and uselessness in the advancement of medical science.

To that end, ACT UP San Francisco encourages a healthy lifestyle through vegetarianism, medical marijuana, and questioning the medical orthodoxy.


ACT UP San Francisco 1884 Market St San Francisco, CA 94102 Ph: (415) 864-6686 Fax (415) 864-6687