"Human Liberation, Animal Liberation"

ACT UP San Francisco opposes all animal testing, including tests on humans. Whether it is by abusing chimpanzees in laboratories or exploiting humans enrolled in clinical trials, there has been nothing but failure on the part of the AIDS industry in their effort to "find a cure." Chimpanzees have been inoculated over and over with the so-called HIV virus and never developed AIDS, precisely because HIV does not cause AIDS. Motivated solely by profit, the Food and Drug Administration's approval for AIDS drugs is corrupt and easily manipulated by pharmaceutical companies who release toxic drugs like protease inhibitors and AZT regardless of how they fare in animal tests.

The truth is that people aren't dying of AIDS. People are getting sick and dying from hormone contaminated meat, carcinogenic car fumes, the overuse of antibiotics, and numerous other immunosuppressive aspects of everyday life in our toxic, fur worshipping, ozone depleting, money driven, consumerist society.

As hard as it is for some to believe the federal government is lying to the public about HIV and AIDS. Of course, this is the same government that continues to lie about vivisection, tried to cover up the 1940s Tuskegee medical experiments conducted on African American men, denied the use of agent orange in Vietnam and gave us the atomic bomb, cloning, and genetic engineering. This is the genocidal U.S government that fought the Indian Wars, funds the war on drugs, supports the war on the Zapatistas, and orchestrated the assassinations of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. Why should we now trust federal researchers to tell the truth about what's going on with AIDS.

It is undeniable that animal testing is unreliable, cruel, wasteful, and harmful to humans. ACT UP San Francisco therefore opposes all animal testing. Furthermore, ACT UP San Francisco is opposed to all animal exploitation and advocates for an animal free diet. Go vegan!

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