HIV does not cause AIDS...
HIV antibody tests are flawed and dangerous...
AIDS drugs are poison...


Since the 1980s, America has been bombarded with anti-gay, anti-sex propaganda insisting that a new sexually transmitted retrovirus called HIV is causing a plague of death. Based on past models of infectious disease, predictions were made during the Reagan years about the devastation to be caused by HIV yet now, with the clarity of hindsight, we are able to see through the fear-based propaganda.

The fact is that there is no plague of contagious AIDS. Every year of the so-called AIDS "epidemic" in the United States more people died from car accidents than from AIDS. Government estimates of the number of HIV positive Americans has been continually revised downward from 1.5 million in the mid-1980s to between 400,000 to 600,000 today. In addition, the life span of HIV positives that refuse toxic AIDS treatments is over twenty years -- as long as HIV has supposedly been around.

So what's going on? Some big government conspiracy? Not likely. Think of AIDS as a tragic medical mistake where in an era of greed and fear non-contagious illnesses were blamed on a virus. Where societal disapproval of gay men was exacerbated by alarmist media reports and a massive amount of government and big business corruption. Think of AIDS as a scam not a scourge.

The AID$ scam affects us all -- men, women, gay, straight, Americans and global citizens alike. As this tragic mistake is elevated to the level of an "economic threat to national security" we are facing a death toll higher than the hundreds of thousands already poisoned to death by dangerous experimental AIDS treatments. Future generations are poised to fall victim to the AIDS propaganda campaign that demonizes sex, treats adults like children and victimizes us all with the fear of death. Investigate the U.S. AIDS lie and stop the terror.

ACT UP! Fight Back. Fight the AID$ Scam!

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