Survive AIDS!      AIDS Research Kills Queers!The AIDS industry survives by promoting a never-ending cycle of dangerous and unethical medical experiments. These experiments can only be executed with the cooperation of frightened, willing test subjects.

For the past two decades, AIDS researchers have terrorized and targeted gay men to sacrifice their bodies "for the good of science" in freakish, fascist research crimes. Bus shelter AIDS encourage you to roll up your sleeves for a novel genetically engineered AIDS vaccine. Each week, the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) tries to scare up more research subjects by advertising in the Bay Area Reporter. Meanwhile, private firms like ViRx get paid to round up gay guinea pigs, especially the poorest of us who have no health care.

Remember this -- nearly all so-called AIDS deaths may very well have been caused by the numerous outlandish experiments conducted on these desperate patients who gave their lives for the hope of a cure. From AZT to Compound Q to clinical trials of every anti-HIV chemical concoction our community has long since forgotten, AIDS research isn't medicine -- it's murder.

Want to survive AIDS? Then steer clear of falling into the clutches of an AIDS industry comprised of thousands of Dr. Frankensteins.

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