Survive AIDS!      HIV Is Homophobia!Surviving AIDS means realizing that, as a gay person, you have worth. It also means acknowledging that HIV, announced by the federal government as the sole and sufficient cause of AIDS, is the most vile form of homohatred ever hurled at queers.

Think about it -- a virus that somehow, magically stays confined to gays renders our community permanently viewed as purveyors or disease, death and doom. This isn't public health, it's powerful homophobic propaganda brought to you by a federal government that has never given a flying fuck about the health and well being of homosexuals.

Through a continuous stream of federal AIDS dollars, gay liberation has been hijacked by an AIDS agenda that demonizes gay sex as dirty and homosexuals as a blood-threat to the global population. Simultaneously, federal dollars funneled to the federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are used to prop up an army of AIDS organizations that spy on gay men. These groups then provide tantalizing pseudo-scientific "research" findings to anti-gay media outlets that are happy to reinforce the age-old stereotype of the "diseased fag."

Targeting virus propaganda at us keeps the gay community victimized and the rest of the world terrified. It picks up where centuries of religious persecution and decades of psychological destruction leave off by constantly portraying gay men as sick, sorry sinners.

Fuck that! Homos have enough on the ball to see scapegoating when it rears its ugly head. So to the U.S. government, we say shove your silly sex-death virus staright up your big, fat federal ass. While you're at it, insert your Gay=AIDS fear campaigns too. Honey, we queers have put up with a lot of bullshit over the years and despite it all we have survived!

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