Survive AIDS!      The AIDS Lie Is Anti-Gay!The AIDS Lie survives because Americans, by and large, hate gays. Think of AIDS as a proxy for state-sanctioned fag bashing.

Early on in the so-called epidemic, federally-funded researchers were so fixated on gay sex that they were blinded to any other possible causes of sickness and death among gay men other than buttfucking and cocksucking. Forget looking at the toxic effects of drugs. Ignore the possibility that widely promoted Hepatitis B vaccines that crept into our meeting places had anything to do with why gay men began dropping like flies. It just had to be gay sex that caused AIDS!

Add to this injury the insulting screeching by self-loathing and sex-repressed homosexuals like Larry Kramer and Randy Shilts and, voila, you've got AIDS: Anti-Gay Institutionalized Death Sentence.

Gay male culture has been so thoroughly coopted by AIDS that the San Francisco AIDS Foundation can get away with daring to define "gay life" through bus tours that identify our community meeting spots as "the degrading places we go."

When it comes to AIDS, degradation of gay culture, love, sex, spirit and psyche is the name of the game. By destroying our minds through endless mass media terror campaigns and programs targeting our community -- especially the youngest among us -- AIDS careerists get access to our bodies, hearts and souls.

AIDS is anti-gay. The AIDS industry is evil. If they keep targeting us with terror and forcing drug cocktails on us we'll have no choice but to throw molotov cocktails at them. It's not a threat -- it's a promise -- for the survival of the gay community.

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